Give ‘Em What They Want

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.  Michael LeBoeuf

I once attended a conference where one of the featured speakers was Len Schlesinger, formerly Harvard professor and president of Babson College, the nation’s top rated business school for entrepreneurship. As a business and entrepreneurial expert, he believes we sometimes over-think our decisions and make them too complicated. For instance, regarding customer service his basic 3-point plan is:

1)     Find out who your customers are

2)     Find out what they want

3)     Give it to them

Though simple, his wisdom is hardly simplistic. Virtually everyone reading this is involved with business, academia, or a non-profit and all sell something, whether a product or service. It is very easy to lose track of who our customers are and wander from what their needs are. These 3 points can help us refocus and provide our customers want they really want.